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huronda's Journal

Camp Huronda
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This is a community for anyone who's ever experienced Camp Huronda. Whether you're a camper, staff, or neither, and just want to learn about camp, you're welcome to join.

Camp Huronda is a camp for kids with Diabetes. A WICKED camp for kids with Diabetes, at that. I mean, where else can you make friends, ride horses, go canoeing, do gimp, build fires, go swimming, AND jab yourself with a big, metal, pointy object without feeling uncomfortable or like a freak? Yeah, Camp's the only place.


i) Post lots of pictures.
ii) Don't be dumb. Or stupid.
iii) ALWAYS capitalize the C in Camp. It deserves it like a shiznit.
iv) Don't be a person who's like, "Diabetics are freaks. They deserve to be boiled in a vat of boiling orange juice," because, believe me, if we were low enough, we'd DRINK that orange juice, and then where'd you be, huh? HUH?

Okay, so just join the community and talk about camp. Or whatevah, that's coo.

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